PreOrder Baby Hoops 9mm Heart Letter

In stock

$ 2,500.00 MXN
  • 24kt gold-plated bronze
  • Approximate weight: 1,6g
  • Dimensions: Heart Letter Charm 12,6mm (Length) x 12,3mm (Width) - Hoop 9mm (Length) x 9mm (Width)


  • Choose the color and the letter you want for each charm. They can be the same or different.
  • Only two colors and two letters are allowed.
  • The two hoops are the same size: 9mm.
  • Full payment is required at checkout.
  • Important: From the moment you place your order, the piece will be ready in approximately 20 business days.
  • Customer will get an email with the tracking number and the invoice in the following days when the piece is ready to be shipped.
  • If other in-stock products were purchased at the same time, the customer will receive two separate invoices; the first one for the in-stock pieces and the second one for the pre-order pieces once we ship them. Two separate shipments will be made in this case.

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