Our jewelry is handmade with care and a slight variation may exist between pieces.
Our jewelry is composed of 24kt gold plated bronze or 925 silver.

To request a repair, please email with all details listed below to receive a repair authorization:
1. Contact name and phone number
2. Proof of purchase (ex. order confirmation email or receipt)
3. Image(s) of damaged item(s)
4. Brief description of the requested repair

Upon receipt of the above details, we will assess repair and provide authorization along with return instructions. Please note that repair authorization is issued on a case-by-case basis and may not be granted if damage is found to be caused by misuse or improper care. Please allow up to 2-4 weeks for repair to be completed.

For all purchases made after September 2nd 2022, repairs will be free of charge for the next 12 months.
For purchases made before September 2nd 2022, repairs will be free or charge for the next 4 months for pieces made out of bronze. For pieces made out of silver, repair will be free of charge for the next 8 months.
Past that time, the customer must pay for the repair which will be specified in the confirmation email. All repairs are subject to shipping charges.

For items bought through one of our retail partners, please return the damaged item to the retailer. We defer to each retailer’s return policy in such cases, and repairs will not be made on items purchased from an unauthorized Daniela Salcedo retailer.


To increase the life span of your jewelry, we recommend:

  • Avoid direct contact with lotion, cosmetics, perfume and water.
  • Put away on a separate compartment than other accessories.
  • Do not wear in the shower/pool/ocean or during exercise.
  • Clean frequently using a soft cloth to maintain its color and original brightness.

Glasses General Care

  • Before and after using your sunglasses, use your microfiber cloth to clean them.
  • Always keep them in its protective case while you're not wearing them to prevent scratches. Remember that you can scratch them if you carry them in your purse without the case.
  • Avoid any liquids that contain alcohol in your lens.
  • For cleaning, use your microfiber cloth, warm water and liquid soap, and it will leave a protective layer on the lens.